Out Here

Exhibition held at Renold Temporary Gallery & Performance Space, Brussels, from July 12 – 18, 2014
Curated by Michael Langeder and Thaïs De Roquemaurel

“Steven Bosmans’ pictures carry an eerie sense of alienation. The photos were shot during his travels in three different continents. However the actual location of the views is irrelevant. The landscapes depicted are man-made — still lifes of our relation with nature and the world that’s surrounding us. The images direct the viewer’s gaze to our own existence, and our perception of what seems natural. ‘Here’ again becomes somewhere else.” (Michael Langeder)

Catalogue of the exhibition, designed by Hannes Nolf (available on request).

Limited Collector's Edition with alternative arrangement, and dust jacket by Griesbacher und Tafner (sold out).